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Communis - of or for the community.

What started out as a collaborative art project with Nick McKenna at the Kansas City Art Institute in our Sophmore Year ended up being a passion for me to reach out to others similar to me and my situation. As a Disabled Veteran with health issue, I developed a sense of pride in the development and assembly of what started out as a little chair for a Architectonics project. I often refer to it as the little chair that could.

Clint Hanson/Nick McKenna - Collaborative Architectonics project
KCAI Campus grounds 2016

I injured my back when I was in the Army and this condition has at times caused depression and the feeling that at times I was not the man, father, and husband that I once was or could continue to be. This little chair has helped me build confidence and a sense of worth that was missing in my life.

Clint Hanson/Nick McKenna - Little Chair

This chair's developement has helped me bond with my children (we build them together) and given me confidence that I was missing with my limitations. It has helped me realize that I could once again live a creative and productive life.

In its development I decided to expand the possibilities of the original design of a slat chair. I have increased it in size and function. It can now be wider making it more comfortable and now designed with the option of a bench style for group seating. Its new design and size has been tested in the studios at the Kansas City Art Institute and in a gallery.  My goal was to create an environment where people can come together and interact in a comfortable setting, to converse, and share. A place to relax, a place that allows unity yet gives allows personal space if built in a modular design.

Clint Hanson - Three Chairs Converse 
KCAI Crossroads Gallery 2017

Clint Hanson - Communis Mensa
KCAI Sculpture Art Show 2017

Clint Hanson - Three Nomadic Desk Prototypes
KCAI Sculpture Gallery 2018

Clint Hanson - Nomadic Style Desk
KCAI David T. Beals Studio Gallery 2018

My goal is to introduce these projects to other Veterans who may suffer like I do with disabilities or depression. If successful I would like to expand to a community of others who may not be Veterans who suffer with disabilities around making chairs and furniture as a form of therapy for them and myself.

Thanks,  I would love to hear from you.

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